Talent Acquisition Consulting

Clients come to JESSI Search because they understand how critical selecting the best talent is to their business success. They know that a strong start accelerates a new-hire’s ability to execute and coalesce a strong team sooner.

JESSI Search specializes in the following talent acquisition services:

  1. Talent Selection – JESSI Search provides the tools and proven expertise to guide you through a selection process that enables you to make an offer to the right candidate with the total package. Correctly vetting the individual with the right set of skills and competencies, motivators and demonstrated past behaviors for your specific role and unique organization will provide you with the one who will stick with you and bring the highest value.
  2. Recruiting for Best-fit Talent – The synergy of our partnership approach, along with our proven multi-step process, produces the best candidate that matches your value proposition.
  3. Onboarding for Accelerated Success – JESSI Search provides a customized step-by-step guide for onboarding a new employee with minimum confusion and downtime resulting in faster personal production and less team confusion.

If you have talent acquisition needs, see below for further detail on these services.

Talent Selection

Employers too often experience the excitement of hiring a candidate who seems to be the perfect fit, only to discover too late that their skill set didn’t translate into the organization and/or they did not fit the culture. It is natural to focus on people we like and on the threads of commonality. JESSI Search has the experience and expertise to objectively assess your candidate’s strengths, gaps and potential. This will accurately validate or invalidate your impressions, preventing costly mistakes when you need to dig deeper, leading to the right hiring decision.

We use assessment instruments proven to have the highest degree of validity. JESSI Search tools and guides give you the confidence that your candidates are thoroughly assessed, enabling you to make the best selection.

Recruiting for Best-Fit Talent

Investment always precedes return and JESSI Search clients understand that investing resources, time and effort upfront will provide many positive returns with the right hire.

Whether you are hiring for a single key role, or have a large-scale hiring project, JESSI Search knows how to manage the recruiting process to produce exceptional results. Clients are thrilled with the way JESSI Search’s consultative approach and expertise generates a strong client partnership with one goal – the right hire!

Our multi-step process includes the following steps, plus our “secret sauce”:

  • Client Engagement – Assessing our ability to work well with the client and meet their hiring needs.
  • Attraction Campaign – Building a compelling attraction campaign that reaches and speaks to the right candidate set to gain the best pool of applicants possible for your position.
  • Source for Candidates – It’s not enough to put your opportunity out there. A multi-pronged approach includes building a candidate profile that fits the role not only today but in the future too.
  • Screen for Fit – Interview guides that target each competency needed for the position are custom created. A multi-interview process ensures only the best candidates get presented for consideration.
  • Present Top Candidates to the Client – Because we are partners, JESSI Search openly shares why a candidate is viable and fits our clients’ interview and selection process.
  • Negotiate Compensation – Because compensation discussions carry the risk of either party losing interest, JESSI Search’s actions as an intermediary reduces this risk. Client testimonials validate our ability to hit the “sweet spot” for both the client and candidate, keeping both interests in mind. Market analysis and feedback from the talent base is provided to validate comp ranges and overall packages. A win is when the candidate is hired at what they view as a fair and motivating package, increasing loyalty and the client is confident in the potential investment and return.
  • Close the Deal – A deal is only considered “closed” when the start date is set, offer letter is signed and both the candidate and client are excited for their starting day!

Onboarding for Accelerated Success

Everyone has the best of intentions to make new employees feel welcome, supported and fully equipped to perform their job from day one. But too often, after the candidate is hired they participate in a routine orientation to the company and then are left on their own to try and understand the company, their team and the pressing issues they are expected to address.

JESSI Search knows that understanding your business goals and how your new employee fits into the overall picture is important for their success. That is why employee’s responsibilities, accountabilities and measures of success are clearly defined and communicated, as well as the interactions with other key players within the organization.

A customized onboarding process , one for you, one for the existing team and one for the newly hired team-member is the basis for JESSI’s successful onboarding record. These steps begin before the new hire sits at their desk on the first day. At our 30 and 90 day check-ins, the results are enthusiasm and most importantly, real results in the role!

Executive Advisor for Career Enhancement

Julie’s extensive business consulting and talent acquisition experience give her a unique perspective that is valued by executives when considering career growth and gaining greater satisfaction from their work. In 2016 Julie coached a CEO of a medical start-up into a great fit VP, Medical Sales role. She said this about the experience, “Julie brings strong business acumen to the process. I describe her as a listener/learner, which helped me to quickly get to the core of what I value most in this stage in my career so I could put a definitive plan in place. Julie’s warm and direct approach guided me as I moved forward, resulting in a great career move!”

Her understanding of the market and talent acquisition, lend strength and credibility to her as an advisor. Many give accolades to her expertise and advice. For example, “Julie gave me the confidence to counter the offer I received, resulting in a starting package that motivated me.” And, “Julie helped me to identify and personally prioritize each piece of the offer so that I was better able to negotiate and achieve a win-win with my new employer.”

On a case-by-case basis, Julie provides executive coaching for a career change. She is supported by a strong network of executive coaches and advisors.