JESSI Search is a leading talent acquisition consulting and executive search firm specializing in the areas of sales, marketing, and key executive positions. Founded on the principles of exceptional service, responsiveness, flexibility and tenacity, JESSI is known for helping you to make the best hire for your current and future needs and accelerating your new employee’s success in their role.

The JESSI Search team of recruiters understands the true art and science of finding the best talent. This includes creating compelling attraction campaigns and value propositions, sourcing passive talent, and assessing for exceptional fit, all while managing the details to create a win-win for the hiring manager and candidate alike.

JESSI’s clients return time and time again to grow teams that gain competitive advantage. Making successful hires and creating strategic partnerships make JESSI the go-to resource for top talent.

What we Believe

JESSI Search believes that a consultative and partner-oriented approach produces the best results when connecting clients with top talent. Its highly experienced team understands the dynamics of culture, geography and industry, and will find the ideal candidate whether it’s for a start-up organization or large corporation.

By fully investing the time to understand their overall mission, JESSI remains in harmony with the client’s evolving talent needs, and responds with the right solution and hire at the right time, all with an eye on the long-term fit.

Client’s rely on JESSI Search in the full realm of Talent Acquisition. Talent Selection and Onboarding for Accelerated Success are additional consulting services JESSI’s clients value.